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Last update: 2. 9. 2004

Instructions for payment
The organizer of conference covers the speakers (in case of more then one speaker applies only to one speaker) with exception of the sponsors´ lectures:
  • registration fee 2 400 Sk, from this lunches and dinners in the amount of 900 Sk
  • accommodation including breakfasts during the conference in the amount of 2 400 Sk

The speakers will cover:

  • travel expenses
Payments: registration fee, board and accommodation
Registration fee2.400,- Sk
  - from this board (lunches, dinners)    900,- Sk
Accommodation2.400,- Sk
Registration fee covers the conference fee. Board covers lunches and dinners during the conference. Payment for accommodation covers the price for bed (4 nights) and breakfast. Listed prices include VAT.

Conference fee (total)                                   4.800,- Sk
(sum total of all items)

Payment is possible by:
a) Bank transfer:
Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach
Šrobárova č.2, 041 80 Košice
IČO: 00397768
Bank::Štátna pokladnica
Account number:7000074351/8180
Constant symbol:0308
Variable symbol:951
We kindly ask participants effected the payment through the bank transfer, to send Advice of payment to organizers to 10 August, 2004 by fax No. (421 55) 6426 616 or by post to the address: Univerzitná knižnica UPJŠ, Garbiarska 14, 042 07 Košice.
The proposed text of Advice of payment you can find below.
b) Cash at the Registration Desk
In case the payment will be effected in cash during registration, participants receive the receipts.
It is necessery to register in both cases through electronic Application Form. The last day for sending the registration form is 30 July, 2004.
The Instructions for payment including the programme of conference will serve as invoice.

for the international conference "CASLIN 2004. The Management of Memory: The Grey Areas" (Čingov, 5.-9. September, 2004)
The conference fee in the amount of ....................... Sk we have remitted to the bank account of organizer No. 7000074351/8180 on ........................... from our account No. ........................................... 
Signature and stamp of institution:

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