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Last update: 5. 4. 2004


The CASLIN 2004 seminar is focused mainly on those institutions, that share a special mandate for the management of the public memory - libraries, archives and museums. In consequence of the new information and communication technologies and the new types of objects (electronic, multimedial, 3-dimensional etc.), as well as with ongoing worldwide social, political and economical changes, the traditional boundaries of these institutions have become more porous and institutions have been drawn - often quite stresfull - into direct interactions. The management of memory - the ideational content of individuals, cultures or nations, is first and foremost an organizational process, which requires cooperation across traditional boundaries. How do we get different players to work together and what does it look when they do? What other types of expertise do we need to improve the institutional management of memory? This and next CASLIN seminars will explore and give examples of technical, conceptual as well as organizational approaches to those aspects of memory management, that lie in gray areas of traditional practice.

The main themes of CASLIN 2004:

  1. Universities, electronic publishing and gray literature
  2. The importance of cross institutional cooperation between archives, libraries and museums

The programme includes also traditional open forum "aquarium" and a trip to surrounding nature and  some monuments of the National Park Slovak Paradise.


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